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Keith Johnstone in Holland – Workshop The Life Game ® – 15-17 februari

Monday, November 26th, 2007

keith Johnstone“If you’ve studied with me you’ll know what to expect. If not, then my book ‘Impro’ will give you some idea. Basically, I try to stop people trying to be original and talented and spontaneous – because they’re all those things already!I try to shape my courses to the needs of the group.”– Keith Johnstone (more…)

Masker workshop met Steve Jarand – 25 – 27 Januari

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

Steve JarandWat?: Maskers workshopWanneer?: 25 – 27 januari 2008Wie?: Steve Jarand (LooseMoose Theatre, Calgary, Canada)Waar?: RotterdamInschrijven?: Vóór 30 november bij vdliet[at]xs4all .nl“Theatre should have risk, and the most wonderful risk of all is when an actor is surprising himself and living in the present moment, like a child on the playground.”Steve Jarand (more…)